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Compare Ampere Magnus EX and Ultraviolette F77 Laser

Ampere Magnus EX Ultraviolette F77 Laser
Ampere Magnus EX
Credit: Ampere By Greaves
Ultraviolette F77 Laser
Credit: Ultraviolette
Body Type Electric Scooter Electric Bike
Dimensions Length: 1920mm
Width: 685mm
Height: 1120mm
Ground Clearance 147mm -
Wheelbase 1390mm 1340mm
Turning Radius - -
Weight - Kerb Weight: 158Kg
Frame Conventional Frame Steel trellis with aluminium bulk head
Front Tyre 3.00-10 4PR Tubeless 110/70 R17
Rear Tyre 3.00-10 4PR Tubeless 150/60 R17
Fuel Tank Capacity - -
Front Suspension Telescopic Inverted cartridge type forks
Rear Suspension Coil Spring 12mm piston with Gas charged adjustable preload spring, Glass hot red colour
Steering - -
Seat Seating Capacity: 2 Seating Capacity: 2
Seat Height: 800mm
Colours Metallic Red
Galactic Grey
Graphite Black
Glacial White
Ocean Blue
Body Misc - Rake: 23.5°
Trail: 89mm
Chassis colour: Matte Black
Side stand: Forged aluminium integrated sidestand
Aluminium rim colour: Slate Grey
Crash guard: Matte Black
Safety Features Combined Braking System Dual channel ABS (Antilock Braking System)
Front Brakes Mechanical Drum, 130 mm HBS Brake Calipers: Fixed four radial piston
Brake System: Hydraulic disc brake with dual channel ABS
Brake Rotor: 320mm drilled hole disc
Rear Brakes Mechanical Drum, 130 mm HBS Brake Calipers: Single piston floating caliper
Brake System: Hydraulic disc brake with dual channel ABS
Brake Rotor: 230mm drilled hole disc
Reverse Parking - Park assist reverse
Fog Lamps - -
Braking Distance - -
Safety Misc - Brake fluid hose: Braided metal hose
Sidestand sensor
Fall and Crash sensor
Rear and front flashers hazard light
Emergency contact alert
Lock down mode
Fuel Type Electric Electric
Fuel System - -
Displacement - -
Bore x Stroke - -
Compression Ratio - -
Power Motor Power 1200 - 2100 Watts (1.60hp - 2.81hp) Maximum power output: 25,000W (33.52hp) @2250rpm
Torque - Motor: 90Nm
Wheel: 450Nm
Transmission Automatic 46T/14T 520 X-Ring chain drive
Pickup 0 to 40 Km/h: 10 seconds 0 to 60 Km/h: 2.9 seconds
0 to 100 Km/h: 7.5 seconds
Number of Cylinders - -
Number of Valves - -
Valvetrain Type - -
Drivetrain - -
Exhaust System - -
Emissions - -
Start/ Stop Electric Start -
Mileage/ Range 80 - 100 Km per charge 307 Km (updated)
Engine Misc Top Speed 50±3 Km/h
Gradient: 13° ± 2° (single rider) and 8° ± 2° (double rider)
Motor type: BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) vector sine wave motor
Maximum loading capacity: 150Kg
Maximum speed: 147 Km/h
Throttle control: Dual hall effect sensor with zero position micro switch
Motor controller: High efficiency and power dense 550A 3 phase AC controller
Gear box: Single reduction helical gear box
Motor: Passively air-cooled interior Permanent magnet AC motor
Variable regenerative braking
Drive modes:
  • Eco mode
  • Sport mode
  • Insane mode
Headlamps LED Headlight LED Headlight with Ultra-V position light
DRL Yes -
ORVM - -
Tail Lamps LED Tail Lamp Dual LED light sets with central LED brake light
Indicators Yes Front turn signals: LED
Exterior Misc - Handle bar switches: Matte Black, Electric micro switch with LED backlight
MID - -
IRVM - -
Interior Misc - -
Infotainment Type Digital Speedometer, Digital Trip meter Dashboard: UV Automotive Linux OS
LightSpeed Drive Interface
Ultra high brightness Automotive TFT LCD
Infotainment Controls - 5-way dashboard control pad
Connectivity - Bluetooth and NFC: 256 bit encryption
Speakers - -
Infotainment Misc Clock
USB charging port
iOS and Android smartphone app
USB phone charging interface
AC - -
Armrest - -
Comfort Misc - -
Battery Capacity 38.25Ah, 60V 4.2 kWh
Battery Type Advanced Lithium ion Lithium ion
Battery Misc Charger: 60V, 7.5A Li
Charging Time: 6 to 7 hours
3 x modular Li ion battery
Charge time: 5 hours (standard), 1.5 hours (Fast charging)
10th generation BMS (Battery Management System)
Adaptive SoC (State of Charge) estimation
State of Health estimation algorithms
MIL-STD Rugged Battery Modules
CCS charge port
Charger Type: 1kW standard vehicle mounted charger, 3kW portable charger
Thermal Management: Proprietary heat dissipation technology
Extended temperature range protection
Bi-directional IP67 high current battery connector
Proprietary patented battery safety system
Other Features For more information, visit the official Ampere Vehicles website Smart Features:
  • LTE connectivity with 2G, 3G: Fallback and integrated eSIM
  • Temperatue, Voltage and Current sensors with active tracking and efficiency mapping across the vehicle
  • Shock and Impact sensors for fall and crash detection
  • Customisable performace profiles
  • Adaptive dashboard brightness with ALS (Ambient Light Sensor)
  • 9 axis IMU (Inertia Measurement Unit) for Ride analytics with built in accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and Sensor Fusion technology
  • Error reporting throught Ultraviolette smartphone app
  • GPS/GLONASS positioning for realtime velocity and position discovery for Ride history, Vehicle locator and Geofencing
  • Headlight Auto on/off
Adjustable battery charge limits
BLS4 Automated Battery Control System:
  • Automated battery ejection
  • Battery locking and Vibration arrestors
Left Controls:
  • 5-way dashboard control pad
  • Indicator controls
  • Headlamp controls
  • Electronic horn
Right Controls:
  • Arm/Disarm vehicle
  • Mode switching
Customizable ride modes: Speed and Torque
  • Portable fast charger
  • Home charging pod
  • Visor
  • Standard charger
  • Crash guards
  • Dashboard theme
  • Wheel caps
  • Panniers
For more information, visit the official Ultraviolette website
Price ₹ 77,249 (Delhi) as on 23 October 2022 ₹ 3,50,000 (expected)
Warranty Three years/20,000 Km (whichever is earlier) -
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