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Ola S1 scooters get MoveOS 3 beta update

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Ola S1 scooters get MoveOS 3 beta update
Credit: Ola
Ola has announced beta access to MoveOS 3 for Ola S1 Electric Scooters. The owners can request beta access on the MoveOS 3 section of Ola Electric website.
The MoveOS 3 will bring the following features to Ola S1:
  • Proximity unlock: walk to the scooter with your phone and the scooter will unlock
  • Party mode: synchronized scooter light show for any song played
  • Bluetooth calling
  • Moods: Customize dashboard, widgets and scooter sound
  • Profiles: multiple profiles lets owner share access of the scooter with other riders
  • Fast Charging: 50 km in 15 minutes using Ola Hypercharger
  • Three different regeneration modes
Read more at Ola Electric MoveOS Website

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